Tuesday, 5 February 2008

It's February! It's LGBT History Month!

Thanks to everyone who came to Chesterfield Library tonight to read, share & discuss LGBT and other authors who have shaped our lives. Thanks for the writing, the instant poems and reminiscences: moving, entertaining and illuminating. Good to mull over questions such as 'Does reading matter to us?', 'Why are books by gay and lesbian authors important at certain times in our lives?', 'Does the quality of the writing matter more than the writer being gay?' and 'Are we drawn to writing that is inclusive and, in the best sense, humanist because of our experiences?'.

Here are some favourites by two writers who are poets first and foremost, and whose writing has given me inspiration, pride and courage. The Hug by Thom Gunn and XII (from Twenty-One Love Poems) by Adrienne Rich. The latter poem has a misprint on this link - 'worls' on the 14th line should be 'world'.
Check out other regional events for LGBT History Month.


Anonymous said...

Hi River,

I enjoyed the workshop on Tuesday night, I felt I ought to attempt to put pen to paper and follow up on what was said and done - so here's my contribution, I hope you enjoy it!?

Dad, meet Priscilla

I’ve rented a film for dad to see.
What will he think?
Will he think that this is me?

Guy in a sequinned feathered frock.
What will he think?
Will he find it an outrageous shock?

Screaming drama disco queen.
What will he think?
Is that how I’ll be seen?

A man who’s changed to a girl.
What will he think?
Will it make his head spin and swirl?

Alcohol, drugs, the AIDS disease.
What will he think?
Unlikely to put his mind at ease.

He watched the film and laughed out loud.
So what did he think?
I’m still his son, of whom he’s proud.

River Wolton said...

Thanks very much for sending in the poem - glad that the workshop inspired you. And very glad that your dad is proud of you - good for him.

More info: the film referred to is The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, written and directed by Stephan Elliott, Australia, 1994