Friday, 28 September 2012


Hi, and welcome to brief and Loose News, of poetry readings coming up in the next two weeks, and one or two other bits and bats.
One or two readings in the next couple of weeks, where I’ll endeavour to entertain and tickle earlobes with word-music, slices of life and gentle provocation. It’s a year since I started laureateering, and to celebrate I’m going to try out a number of new poems. Ten Top Tips for Incoming Southerners: a guide to Derbyshire, that’s a new one, plus a fresh take on Chesterfield Taxi-Drivers, plus other poems about other folks near you. So, do come along if you fancy some poetry entertainment -

I’ll be at Ripley Library from 3.00pm till 4.00pm, and then at Belper Library from 7.00 – 8.45. Both are FREE events, but please book tickets from Ripley Library Tel: 01773 743321, or from Belper Library Tel: 01773 824333.

Come along to Havana Whites bar, more or less opposite Pomegranate Theatre, in Chesterfield, for a night where Spoken Word and page poetry rub shoulders in a very friendly manner. I’m hoping to get along there this time, the two headliners are great, have a look at!/groups/268421253224932
all set up by the wondrous poet Helen Mort, famously of the greyhounds (or are they whippets, Helen?) by her side.

Via links, if you fancy, are the 11 milestones round the County, with poems on, which I am right proud of.
And likewise, there’s a flavour of John Scargill’s Nightcap, a sort of poem/street-theatre/musical piece, on youtube, as performed with West Hallam Emergency Goodwill Choir, specially created for the occasion (you didn’t guess, honest).

I’ll be blogging some other stuff soon, that’s all for now. Ciao.

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