Thursday, 16 October 2014

Brookfield students shine at the Poetry Promenade

I'm very pleased to be able to publish two new poems by Brookfield Community School students Madeline Wort and Emily Wagstaffe here on the blog. Madeline and Emily (pictured with me on the left) took part in some workshops I ran for Cape Farewell at Brookfield earlier this year, thinking about climate change issues and the natural world. Last Friday, they joined me in St Thomas' Cafe for the start of the Chatsworth Road Poetry Promenade and read their poems out. I hope you enjoy them as much as everyone in the cafe did!


by Emily Wagstaffe:

Listen to the tree’s story
As the wind whispers to the leaves
And the bark taps back to the woodpecker.

The branches criss cross and argue
About who goes where

As the leaves express themselves
In their colours

The roots search under the soil
For their voices

Then it falls silent
When it blends in to the
Black night

Twit two

by Madeline Wort:

You’re happy
I’m sad
You make me frown
All you ever do
Is put me down

You’re nasty
You’re cruel
You make me look like a fool
You think it makes you look cool

So why is your final aim
To make me cry
At night I stare at the sky

Wondering why.

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