Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Time-stopping poems at Buxton

L-R: Helen Mort (judge); Joe Caldwell (3rd); David Wilson (2nd)
and Aly Stoneman (1st). Photo by Aly Stoneman.
It was a real treat for me to judge the open category of the Buxton Poetry Competition again this year and even better seeing the winners receive their prizes at Derby University last night.

The 2015 competition had 'time' as its theme and as I read the entries I was reminded of Ezra Pound's remark that "an 'image' is that which presents an intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time." In and out of time - great poems can change our perception of the present, make time speed up or slow down.

The winning pieces moved me and surprised me with their range, concision and memorability. Immersing myself in so many subtle reflections on time made me wish I could wear a poem on my wrist instead of a watch.

The competition was won by Aly Stoneman with her poem 'Windfalls'. Congratulations to Aly and to all the other winners: results will be available on the Buxton Poetry Competition website soon. Congratulations to the winners of the youth and intermediate categories too - the young writers who came to the ceremony read very impressively. I hope the competition continues to flourish every year.

Aly's poem in the competition anthology.

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